From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


I just needed to warn you about birthdays coming up:

  • Today: Fluff
  • 23: Gamepro
  • 14: Valentimes Day
  • 15: dads
  • 20: Puffle party

Too many stuffies going on. Oh yea, Fluff made a good point. She wrote that people are going bonkers over valentimes and you don’t even know the person ur valentime in real life and even if you did dating isn’t allowed on DW. So yea. What’s ur valentimes outfit? Later on today I’ll update this post with a pic we took with our valentimes stuff on yesterday, Good times. I pretended like i was Ms. Claus after and put presents of brownie under the X-Mas tree ( i literally baked brownies btw) So yea, good times


Comments on: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" (3)

  1. I always hated valentines day sometimes I put my status like this: Wake me up when valentine is over and To much hearts THE HORROR!!!!!!

    LOL I saw ur status like that once it sed ‘Wake me up when Valentimes Day is over’ I couldn’t stop laughing. LOL, ‘the horror’.

  2. HEHEHEHEHEEEEHEEHEHEEh. Got brownies? lol.

  3. No. My meanie brothers finished them when I wasn’t looking. I got cookies tho 😀

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