From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Cookie :D

REMEMBER COOKIE?!?!? Well, she hatched 😀


Comments on: "Cookie :D" (7)

  1. cookies come from eggs?

  2. Heh. Yup. Cookie is her name 😀 I haven’t talked to you in soooooo long.

  3. Coolio!!!! I wonder what Cookie looks like!!!

  4. She’s in my “cool facts” post. SHE HATCHED!!!

  5. Right here:

    Scroll to the bottom and stare at the thing. I should of named her May 😀

  6. COOKIE! 😀 (waves) HI COOKIE! YOU…Dont really look like one. 😯 lol. But you’re so cute! 😉 Cya at dw Vinathi! :mrgreen:


    LOL! I did that so you wouldn’t eat it 😉
    Plus, when you get it you have no idea how it’ll look at the end. It just pops out of an egg. Heh.
    ♥ ya like a sister ~LYLAS~.

  7. GameproGirl said:

    Cookie looks like a fairy dog mother…

    LOL! She does actually……..

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