From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Monstrous Rumor

Free Items. Click the box:


For Pathfinders…… You get this when you log in. To be a pathfinder, go here:


Lalala. Still sad at Frosty. WHAT HAPPENED TO CANAL CITY?!?!?



Poor Canal City. So you have to do this huge mission on it……. Monsturous Rumormonsterous-rumor-1

 I f you don’t have the key go here:



So you go to Wildwood Glen……….


I never took the pic. It says: ‘Next go somewhere with roses.’ you have to find a butterfax root.


So….. you go to get the last one in Mage Burrow where Wizard Archidemis is. It’s in Presto’s Grove, click on the Crysta Keyhole without a key.


That was hard work! Now you go to The science tent in the Explorers Camp and click on it.


Well. I’ll update the other one tommorow. Oh and about the pin. The taco one……. I ate it. So there’s a new one……..


Comments on: "Monstrous Rumor" (4)

  1. And there’s a new CP login screen. The Beacon is right above the lighthouse.

  2. HersheyGirl13 said:

    The name Hershey was one of a kind. 😦 Meanies…anyway nice site.

    Thanks! Wait I’ve seen you on Dizzywood before……….. Not many people name themselves after candy (Munches on Hersheys) I can show you why. (finishes bar)No really………. O.O

  3. YOU ROCK! 😀 😀 😀 😀 (hugs)

  4. LYLAS!

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