From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

I am going to cry

This is the saddest thing ever……..

Every 16 minutes someone in the US commits suicicide becase they haven’t acheived anything and ran out of hope.

Every minute an attempt to commit suicide

Every day 80 Americans comit suicide and 160 attempt!

Not all……… Listen to this story: 😥

You see. My friend was trying to ditch me or something. The way I take my revenge is I stick evil notes in her bookbag. I just met her on January 21 and we became friends like right away. Anyways when I noticed she was ditching me I decided to use the evil notes on her for the first time. But then something really sad happened………..

Really Sad………….. I noticed someone had gotten crutches that day. And when we went to gym we were doind a relay when………. My friend, Jessica,  got badly injured. I think she broke her leg. After it became clear she didn’t want to be friends with me. But since I broke my leg when I was little I couldn’t bear it. So instead of an evil note I stayed up late getting her a gift and that shall be my evil note tommorow if she’s still strong enough to come back. Which I don’t think she is.. When I was walking to Tech Lab some staff had crutches and when I asked why he goes, ” Haven’t you heard, it’s a new fashion”. I accutually beleived him caz’ for the rest of the day I noticed everyone was wearing crutches but me. I went over to Tech and it wasn’t the new fashion. THERE WAS A HUGE FIGHT earlier on! at the end of the day there was a festibal out of no where caz’ our school did french tutoring for 8th graders now. It had lots of candy and balloons and pencils. I took alot even though I’m not in 8th grade.


Comments on: "I am going to cry" (3)

  1. Gameprogirl said:

    omg, thats really a creepy day for you

  2. Today, she was looking for me all day long. That is soooooo sweet of her. I usually do the looking, we’re friends again. She came bac today. I will update a mission in a sec.

  3. D,: Im not trying to ditch you. 😦 This day keeps getting worse….

    Da’ curse of Fridays. Relax. Ur one of my BF. I’ll meebo u telling u my BFs in Dizzywood, don’t let anyone see it. Oh and Pro is in it, so don’t worry pro.

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