From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

That was an unessasary title.

I just haven’t posted any thing for a long time.

Don’t Ask! Caz’ I will tell you, I kinda have been packing for to move and now I’ve arrived 😆

So expect the “page” page to finish by the end of March

And 3 new pages to come out soon


Comments on: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasdf" (12)

  1. Ohhhh I didn’t know that your moving. No wonder why u weren’t posting for a while

    CORRECTION: moved
    Trust me I post alot. It wouldn’t have taken so long if I weren’t.

  2. GameproGirl said:

    Hehe… i know i usally make my spelling all wrong and stuff

    Correction: usually…….lol!
    i hate that word. Even though I’m a good speller I can’t ever spell some words ( like ussually)

  3. GameproGirl said:

    I’m really i mean like really bad at spelling that’s for sure

    Trust me. I know a girl who can’t spell doggy. Or writing instead she spells it wrting.

  4. :O Is that really true???

  5. i got proof girl:
    We have this big bulletin board at a school I went to before we moved. One day they attached a pen with a little springy. I was the first one to use it. I didn’t use it to sign papers I used it on the bulletin board itself, after me the whole school wrote hilarious messages on it. After a while she got mad and wrote ‘Do’nt wirte on tihs bored If you do I wil tel someone in charge like Abdu Sherif’ all over it. I’m looking at it write now

    Moral: No matter how bad at something you are……. there’s always someone worse 😉 and no matter how good there’s always someone better 😉

  6. GameproGirl said:

    What grade is she in? Srry i dont mean to be nosey but i just wanted to know

  7. 5th. lol. I moved from her. I’m in 6th. shhhhhhh

  8. GameproGirl said:

    Im in 5th grade. But i never knew anyone who can spell bad in 5th grade. Except for my friend Katie. IF YOU ARE READING THIS, KATIE STRICKLAND, THIS IS RATED R!!! lolz

  9. LOL! I am supposed to be in 5th grade. My dad moved me to 6th instead

  10. Is sixth grade hard?? im just wondering.

    That’s exactly what I asked my brothers in 5th grade. Teachers like to Blabber mouth abotu how hard it is. To tell you the truth it’s just like leaving third grade to go to fourth grade. Except you have alot more freedom in Middle School and you have to wake up early.

  11. The muddle school I’m going to is five oaks well its in Beaverton Oregon andyou can wake up late like at 9:00am

    SINCE I MOVED I GET TO GO TO SCOOL AT 8:26! YAYZ! Oh u spelled middle wrong 😉 on purpose probably……..
    Our scool is outdoors and HUGE and has no lockers and old! I’s hard to get used to. My other middle scool was the exact oppisite. It was just built in 2008. It had trillions of lockers, was indoors, free, and medium sized.

  12. Lol I had a “page” page back then. I did not know that xD

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