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Cool Facts

Well my mind is just exploding with facts and I had to write them down so 😉 :

  • I LOVE THE THERMOSPHERE! It includes outer space and it helps run our technology and most of all it includes the Northern Lights ( also known as the Aurora Borealis) which you can only see in Alaska at a certian times at night. Here’s on picture:

You can look at more here! And HERE

 No one knows why it exists but it sure is prettiful 😀

  • Ok there is this really cool expeiriment our class did in Science to prove how much Air Pressure is in our atmosphere so we took a pepsi can and put a little bit of water in it, then we heated it and the teacher gently put it in water to cool it down and it like popped. There are real instructions and pictures are here.
  • When you take a video a camera takes 30 pictures a second to capture all the details and a voice recorder thingy and when u watch it goes fast enough to make everything work
  • They have created technology advanced enough that a Doctor in Japan could operate you even if ur in the other side of the world
  • I kno some of u wud luv this one……… THEY’VE ALREADY INVENTED ROBOTS THAT DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!! The 😦 part is that learning how to use them take time.
  • It took a while to invent robots that cud be attached to a human ( in case u’ve lost a body part) and now they’ve perfected it so it works like a normal body part. IDK why I included this one 😕
  • THIS IS THE BEST FACT!!!!!! YOU BETTER BE LISTENING CAZ’ I AM ON SUGAR 😀!  There was this Russian who was (technically)  caz’ he didn’t actually suceed but he was the first one to be sent up to outer space. But back then there weren’t space ships so he got sent up on a hot air balloon :mrgreen: and I watched it on tape when it happened, it was a video my Science teacher made us watch… OK so he got on and flew over 50,000 KM from the ground ( I can’t Remeber how much) and then his right arm became numb bc humans need alot of air pressure to survive, and then he was about to DIE so he jumped off!!!!!!! :lol He hadn’t even tested his parachute 😆 ! Yea,  he didn’t get hurt a bit from that ride. 
  • When you ride in planes there is no oxygen around the plane, it carries it’s own oxygen (the higher u go up, the less oxygen)
  • When you sneeze all body functions STOP, even breathing!
  • Oh and Dizzywoood has 3 new posts click here to view them.
  • I got a Chicken Smoothie Pet.

Pets name: Cookie 😀


Comments on: "Cool Facts" (22)

  1. (points at pictures) Oooohhhh Pretty lights! I’ve never saw them before… 😦 And I never knew all body functions stop when you sneeze. lolz 😀 you got a Chicken Smoothwie pet! i have never played that website. :/ AND YOU NAME IT COOKIE!!!! HI COOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI HI HI! COOKIE! lolz You’re blog ABSOLUTLEY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK EVEN MORE! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! 😀 Heh.

    Really? By the way I named it Cookie caz’ I knew it wud make u proud.

  2. Gameprogirl said:

    I’ve been to Alaska before and I saw those Northern Lights!!!!! And I am not telling lie. I also took a picture of the northern lights but my camara was all blurry, but good thing my dad took a picture 😀

    I feel jealous. The good kind 😀 .

  3. You dont want to visit Alaska (shakes head) it’s to freezin cold there I can’t even believe how some of my family members could even live up there!!!! I nearly frozed to death

    I bet it’s worth it. Trust me……. I hate cold more then any1 you’ll ever know.

  4. It is worth it, but after we came back to Oregon, (that’s where I live) i got a cold

    I bet it was. i hate colds! I’ve had mine since Winter Break (December 20th). I live in California now that I’ve moved

  5. GameproGirl said:

    My cheeks and nose were red the whole time

    I was born pink….. but RED??

  6. GameproGirl said:

    Yeah… I know odd color but it was too cold for me that somehow, my cheeks turned red. Scary, eh?

    Yea. I am really scared O.O

  7. No worries i was scared too when i found out my cheeks were red. i think my cheeks were red cause it was about 10-20 degrees

  8. Probably so 😉
    Not worrying :mrgreen:
    :mrgreen: = : mrgreen :

  9. O.O are you sure you are Vinathi???

  10. At least I think so………….

  11. GameproGirl said:

    O.o awwwkward


  12. What?! im gonna have too go to alaska again!!!

    NO 😥 (suddenly converts into drama queen) Why am I crying? And why are you going to alaska? Don’t you ever forget the Aurora Borora. Tell it I sed hi!!

  13. GameproGirl said:

    [Sniffs] I will say hi, but I always hated Alaska!!! Definetly going there again!!!

  14. But Why?

  15. Hi vinathi!!!!! 😀 Hi everyone!..

    HI! lylas. Love Ya Like A Sister.
    Same with Pro, kka, niya, supergirl, HeliX, this cud go on a while, Hershey……… (keeps listing)

  16. well because I got a cold after I got home from Akaska

  17. So ur going bac to ALaska to get a cold?!?!?

  18. Pretty much, yeah…

  19. LOL! LYLAS ( Luv Ya Like A Sister)

  20. LOL I completely forgot about my chicksmoothie pet XD

  21. Ққa2297♪ said:

    That Chickensmoothie pet named Cookie makes me proud! xD

  22. lol me too!! =p

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