From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


By the way GG, if I haven’t been answering your meebos, sorry. I’ve been busy lately and never closed meebo.

ALSO. The password to this post

is bored……. check it out the post is really prettiful.

And The dizzywood mission will have to wait……… caz’ I got alot of work to do today. I’ll update it tommorow. OK?

By the way in dizzywood all the snow melted….. This is the first day of Farthings Pond without snow…………..



Comments on: "Uh………." (1)

  1. howd u get there i need a pic for my blog of it also.
    OH. do you wont to work on my blog?
    If so then leave a comment ill make u be the author 😉

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