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What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

We asked some of Dizzywood’s inhabitants what their New Year’s Resolutions would be for 2009, and this is what they vow to do, not do, or work on more:

Are you talking to me? Woah, you’re telling me it’s 2009? That means next year will be?…oh man, I don’t even know! This is wild. New Year’s Resolution? Work on my boarding skills for sure. Say hello to my little fish friends and just hang at the beach. That’s the way I work”.


My arm still still hurts a bit, so I can’t really work on my plane. I hope to ask Chanjo for help this year, but I don’t want to be too much of a bother. I’d like to explore this land some more and make some new friends”.



Happy New Year’s everyone! I’m truly excited for 2009, not only because I’m new Chief Poobah, but because there are so many new faces that I’m eager to meet. With nature always on my mind, I hope to get everyone involved with helping make Dizzywood a beautiful place to explore. I hope to pull everyone together to ward off any villainous plans Emperor Withering might have in the works. Overall, it’s going to be a great year!”.

Oh my, another year! It’s great I tell you. I’ve seen this land grow in beauty, in size, and in smiling faces. It’s such an honor to welcome so many of you each day, and I hope to see new friends, and no more of Mr. Withering! And, to Miss Kat de Claw, I wish you the best of luck as Chief Poobah, and I’m always willing to help at any cost if you need it!”.



I’m planning on working on my skateboard tricks. There are some that I just can’t land yet! Something I don’t want to do is pierce my ear again. Twice is enough, and to tell you the truth, it hurt. I want to see more people on my boards, skating through Dizzywood and partying with their friends. Enjoy life my friends, and always keep it real


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