From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


I want to get straight on my combined 2 websites. 🙂

  • Home- My random Posts
  • Mini Pics- All my HTML and codes

  • Talk- Ask questions or just talk with someone
  • I ask you! – Here I ask you questions about your life like what you think you’ve accomplished.

  • About me-

  • Dizzywood Tips
  • Random Posts- A direct link to 🙂
  • Photography- Mostly my Dizzywood pics but I do put normal pictures on threre
  • Quizzes- Anything you can vote on
  • Mini Pics- a direct link to
  • Mercury- The story of a girl
  • Kiwi- An album of a teddy bear
  • Talk- Another direct link
  • My questions to you- Another direct link
  • Chat box- A chat box with like trillions of bazillions of gazillions of smileys

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